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Here are THREE things you need to know before

enrolling into a Debt Consolidation program:


 #1 This is not a do it yourself type of project or an "I will read a book and figure it out" type

of deal. I love shopping at The Home Depot as much as everyone else but Debt Consolidation

 is something that takes a professional. Not hiring a professional can end up costing you in the

end, big time!


#2 Debt Consolidation will generally lower your monthly payments but it is important that

when you enroll with a Debt Consolidation company that you choose a payment that is

affordable and that you can stick with, as that will be your payment for the next 3-5 years.


#3 Always make sure to hire a company that does not charge Upfront Fees!! If someone

is trying to sell you on upfront fees, or monthly fees, do not just walk in the other direction

 -- RUN!

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